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Humming Bird Woodworks - Cabinet Painting - In Between Coats 

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Oak Park Kitchen

​View the "Kitchen Cabinet Photos" from the Project

​View the "Soapstone Countertop Photos" from the Project


A brief look at cabinet fabrication at Humming Bird Woodworks on a week day morning. The assembly of the custom cabinet doors are highlighted in this visit to the shop.

Humming Bird Woodworks & Humming Bird Soapstone's Co-Owner Mike Wilson takes you inside one of our recent kitchens, with Soapstone countertops and custom cabinets in another "A Humming Bird Movie" in HD. Mike goes back to the Oak Park kitchen we recently completed to talk to the kitchen's homeowners about bringing the kitchen back to when the home was built and how seamlessly Humming Bird Custom Cabinets and Soapstone Countertops fit into their kitchen.

A brief video of our Custom kitchen cabinets in between the painting process at Humming Bird Woodworks in Glen Ellyn.

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Humming Bird Woodworks - Custom Cabinet Fabrication ​ ​​

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Humming Bird Soapstone/ Woodworks Step Up Kids Vanity

​View the "Bath Cabinet Photos




Our "Humming Bird Step Up Kids Vanity" is great for the whole family. It features a built-in step that folds down for the kids to easily use and operate. It doesn't slide around or tip due to it being built in. It's good for the parents too as it folds up quickly. No need to find a place to store it elsewhere. The Vanity also features our "Humming Bird Soapstone Trough Sink" That allows room for two people to use at the same time.

This is a whole house drawing that we created for a client to show the client and local village how the new kitchen on the back of the house harmonizes in scale with the rest of the house. The addition is expected to begin construction Summer of 2017.

Humming Bird Woodworks & Humming Bird Soapstone Client Whole

House Drawing Presentation 

Evanston Kitchen

​View the "Kitchen Cabinet Photos" from the Project

​View the "Soapstone Countertop Photos" from the Project

Take a video tour of a Humming Bird Woodworks & Humming Bird Soapstone kitchen "now in HD". Join Mike Wilson,the custom Cabinet and Soapstone Company's Co-Owner talk about Humming Bird's unique and time tested cabinet building techniques. Plus meet the kitchen and master bathroom's homeowners as Mike talks to them about what they went through in the process of having a Humming Bird Kitchen and Soapstone Countertops installed in their home.